It is a great irony that one of the best ways for Canadian pastors and ministry leaders to get together is by going outside of Canada.

Since Canadians have been attending T4G in Louisville, Kentucky, it made sense that those Canadians should get together. So Paul Martin, pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, gathered Canadians in a chair-less room at an early T4G and simply had everyone introduce themselves and talk to each other.

At T4G in 2014, Canadians met off-site at Immanuel Baptist Church, pastored by transplanted Canadian, Ryan Fullerton. The Chick-fil-A lunch featured a panel discussion with Paul, Ryan, Clint Humfrey from Calvary Grace Church in Calgary, and blogger Tim Challies, also from Toronto’s Grace Fellowship Church. Many new connections were made between Canadians and those concerned with the advance of the gospel in Canada. Around 170 attended the Canada Lunch.

For T4G 2016, we look forward to having a breakout session as part of the main conference.

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